Humanity Is Lost..!! Do We Have A Right To Call Ourselves Humans any more…???

Humans Are said to be the most intelligent being on the planet earth. But our intelligence brought destruction. We are destroying the planet on which we reside. Global warming, deforestation and killing animals are some of the ways to show that how ungreatful we are to the planet we reside on.

Humanity died in most of the people nowadays… no one is a human now, everyone is either a hindu or a muslim or christian or a jew or a sikh…no one is a human and the first and foremost religion of humanity is long dead…no one cares about brotherhood anymore…there are many people who starts riots in the name of religion… frankly speaking polititians takes a major advantage of naive citizens during elections in the name of caste,creed,religion and what not…!

How can people call themselves humans when they stoop so low that an 8 month old child was raped by her own relative…girls who are barely 8 or 9 years old are raped…girls who are in their early or late teens and women are caught and sold out for some stash of notes…? Men who work day and night for their families are brutally murdered and robbed, innocent kids are kidnapped and used as a source of collecting a hefty ransom..?

Ask yourself do we deserve being called humans after all this..??? Are we forgetting that humanity is something that we must never loose…its the only which makes us better than animals…we have a heart and soul to love any creature on this planet but we are killing our own kind….

Published by eviepikachu2107

Just a big fan of reading 😇 And not too shabby while penning down ❤

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  1. Rightly saying 💯💯
    Hamanity is still in everyone but the greed of money & own development makes everyone cheap minded about humanity.

    So if we want real development then at first we have to develop our thoughts in a right way.


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