Escaping Reality…!

Have u ever felt lonely and just want to escape the real world so that you can save you’re sanity..? If u do then trust me i know this feeling too damn well as well.. I lived a life like hell for past 4 years…the days which should have been filled with happiness and laughs were filled with sorrow,tears and misery..

I was lonely for almost the whole period until recently i found some people i could rely on! I was a cute kid when i was little.. A cute cuddly kid with round cheeks and big eyes who loved to play and going out! socialising and meeting new people always perks me up as i am clearly and extrovert and loved the world outside but my parents made it hard for me to be who i truly am.

My dad hates the fact i am an extrovert cuz in his eyes socialising with new people is a waste of time and i should devote my time entirely in studies..but i neglected the fact and kept on with my perky and outgoing attitude…it was easier for me to settle in new places and talk to new people however because of my easy going nature and since i had a hard time saying NO to people…it became abit difficult but still i managed to live my life smoothly…

never in my wildest dream i thought my life would take such a turn and i would be living in such conditions…

Hope You Guys Will like This..

untill next time…


Published by eviepikachu2107

Just a big fan of reading πŸ˜‡ And not too shabby while penning down ❀

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